This is a portrait from about 2012 its of  a young lady who was at a youth club I used to work at she came  a sat at a table I was working at and stuck this pose. I arranged with her parents and the youth team to make a portrait of her which was to be part of the art programme I was doing at the time with them. So over a period of weeks the portrait was carried out  from life and a phone picture.




Well today I am looking into returning to a method I used some time ago. I like to create tonal drawings of people, usually grandchildren or friends, this it is an exercise in proportion and form. I  initially use the drawing to  understand the structure and shapes contained the face and body. Its is interesting to allow the shapes and proportions to start to create a likeness. I will often use a grid to ensure proportions are correct I find by doing this in the studio where I have time to consider what and how to make marks informs  my sketching style when I am out and about with a sketch book and I always have a sketch book in my pocket.

One considered drawing and three sketches of different time duration.


Portrait of Sir Roger Gale

This a portait of our local MP who kindly alowed me to paint him for publicity for the peoples Gallery at the Kingshall for the exhibition called “Faces”  The aim of this blog is to find people who are interested in figurative art and to find possible sitters/models so I can improve my skills.

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Sir Roger Gale white Bal