Portrait painting and drawing service from a local artist working in all mediums who can work from photograph or life dependant on the requirement of the peice . Can be contacted by email at

petergreenpeg @gmail.com

Portrait Commission

So you are thinking of having a portrait painted of yourself or a loved one. Where do you start? What’s involved? Have you considered the process?

When someone sits for a portrait they are not sure what is expected of them. We are all so used to people taking photographs that we can just shrug it off. But a portrait, even if it is a photographic one means we are being observed very intensely .This can be quite an unnerving experience. There is an element of expectation and unknowing. How will I be seen We all have an image in our head of how we view ourselves. So to expose that view to scrutiny can be challenging, exciting and enlightening. It is said that no two people see things in the same way. Well among artists it is very obvious that approaches to art are many and varied.

When choosing to have a portrait painted or drawn you need to see samples of portraits that the artist has produced. Most artists have a range of portraits available to show you, so you can see the style of portraits they produce.

Then, of course, the medium you choose will also be an important factor, be it pencil, oil, acrylic or pastel.

Each Artist has a particular way of working; some work only from life others only from photographic reference. I like to work from both, as it gives me and the sitter the ability to be flexible. I also feel the results are better if I have met the person. Unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world so I work mainly from photographic reference.

I am always willing to use reference photos that you provide as our busy lifestyles often dictate this is the only avenue open to us. If you wish to have the experience of sitting for a portrait contact me as each portrait has individual circumstances. I have carried out many portraits using pencil ,oil and acrylic. If you have the time and inclination, then for a portrait to truly work in my opinion, we need that close observation that only study from life and time can supply. I would suggest this is more suitable to the older sitter who is capable of interacting in the process.

Price Guide: Contact : petesportraits@hotmail.com

Oil based portrait head and shoulders. 20 x 16 inches £250.00 additional person £50.00

Acrylic based portrait head and shoulders. 20 x 16inches £220.00 additional person £40.00

Charcoal portrait head and shoulders. 28 x 18inches. £95.00 additional person £30.00

Pencil based portrait head and shoulders. 20 x 16 inches £85.00 additional person £25.00