Lock Down

Hi.    my last post on this site was April 2018 I am not that computer savvy so found writing and editing difficult but I did not unsubscribe ,lazyness I suppose. Life was busy I had a new camper to explore the world and my art became secondary to wonder lust. I did maintain my friendships with artist friends but  did not produce much art . I still took part in an exhibition with my friend Bryan as we had been exhibiting together for a few years, so I half heartedly took part after a ten week trip in Ireland . I managed to put together some work but Bryan had worked his socks off and his work has come on leaps and bounds , mine has stagnated. I like to encourage  other artists especially younger ones and use the term from the Nike Ad .”Just Do It”   I did not follow my own advice I am writing this blog due to two things – cancer and covid19 . I was diagnosed  with prostrate cancer at the same time as the covid virus  was starting its journey around the world. I was  lucky  and it was spotted in a routine check up at my doctors surgery. The NHS is fantastic  at sorting you out if you are in need. I had an operation to remove my prostrate on March 27th when lockdown had started.  The hospital was deserted except for our courageous doctors, nurses and ancillary staff . Today 3rd April I was again at the hospital to have a catheter removed and various checks after the operation. I am a chatty sort of guy so ended up chatting to all and sundry . While there I did a digital sketch on my tablet of one of the chaps being seen at the same time . We all had to stay 2 mt apart and our  chauffeur’s were not able to be with us.

I had forgotten how much I loved to sketch. My normal practice for sketching people  is to give the drawing to the person. In this case I could not but I showed him and he was quite pleased. The drawing is about the isolation and our situation as he had a scarf and gloves on all the time  So stay safe where ever you have to go.

Sketch3511717 (1)



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