Time for Something Different

Bryan and Peter

When they decided to have an exhibtion together they were not sure where it would go. Bryan and Peter have known each other for some time and both help out at Beach Creative. They find their DIY skills complement each other and have carried out various projects together. When considering this exhibition they were not sure what they would do, hence the title. Peter is keen on portraits and drawing realistically while Bryan is creatively inventive with everyday manufactured objects and recycling. Both like to paint. So would their natural skills at DIY be complimentary in an artistic sense ?

Peter is looking at how chalk and charcoal on toned paper can be used to explore how form is influenced by the play of light and thus becomes an exercise in value. Not having used charcoal and chalk in this way previously it is also something different.

Bryan is playing with time and things so his input will be eclectic and varied. He will revisit a piece changing and evolving his vision so a piece can always be in a fluid situation.

Exhibition opens 22nd May to 27th May

Private View: 6.00 : 8.00 Saturday 26th May.

2018-03-23 17.58.10

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