Computers and Art

Every one you talk to tells you you must have a web site these days if you want to be seen in the art World. For me they seem to get more complicated as they are always updating which changes how things work. So those of you who are friends on facebook etc will be inundated with posts as I try to work out how to build a site on WordPress. I am not that computer savvy so there are lots of frustrations. All I really want is for the paintings I do to see the light of day. Exhibiting can be expensive and you may not have your work selected. The common trend is to pay a fee in the hope of getting your work into a gallery. Yes, the selectors see your work digitally and if you get preselected you are asked to bring the work in to be viewed but if you are unsuccessful it’s a lot of effort for no real reward and you pay for the experience. There are local galleries that will show your works in small open shows and this can be useful or you can put an exhibition on in groups to keep the cost reasonable.

So, why a website? I think it’s the discpline of collating your work in one place so you can see your progress and when people ask to see the work you’ve done they expect to be able to go to a website. Most people use their website for commercial reasons whereas my main focus is to have my work seen and hopefully, appreciated. I’m interested in the process of my art in a considered way. I hope to get feedback, whether positive or negative, because my aim is to keep improving my skills to a point where I’m confident enough to explore more simplified form. So, at present I’m a realist in approach , but I’m now starting to see the advantage of pure line and the benefits of carrying out a series of works in a sequence. The subject can change but the method stays the same . I am currently working towards an exhibition in May and I have discoverd that restricting myself to a set number of works and a process/ method has revealed what I am looking at can be achieved in various ways which may not need to be so realistic. For the moment however I will stick to the task in hand , I have five more peices to start and complete before the 21st May its also the reason for the web site to be up and running properly by then.

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